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Costume conception: 

Choreography and dance: 


Lionel Hoche

Zoltán Grecsó

Zoltán Grecsó

I'm bitter and offensive. No. Delete. I'm an adorer voice, Ady's.

I'm a wasted land, the homeland, you can see me in the eye of the poet. Everyone and everything is sentenced to death here. I'm black linoleum, this is the land to me: black linoleum, mourning theatrical space. I can lurk in it imperceptibly. Can't you see me? I'm there: the hair, that many hair don't defend me, only hid me.

The play is a dance-paraphrase of Ady Endre's A magyar Ugaron (same title). The main role is a puli dog's whose identity is divided and who wants to leave its Hungarian national identity behind because of the criticism which offended its homeland. The tapes from The European Parliament's critics about Hungary and the sensitive humorous choreography is a tragicomic statement about the national identity's crisis.