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Costume designer: 



Zoltán Grecsó

Attila Emődi, László György, Patrícia Homolya, Viktória Kőhalmi, Csaba Nagy, András Schlégl, Karolina Tóth

Tamásné Szaniszló

Réka Ágnes Tóth

Adrian Newgent, Laura Döbrösi, Zoltán Grecsó

The French classicism’s most popular playwright’s last play has never been adapted by any dance theatre performance in this form: the boundaries between reality and theatre are merging into one another but not only in the story, our reality also appears in the action through the criticism of the society. The performance is simultaneously self critic and heart-stirring, weightless and deep. The life of court’s author of Louis XIV is in line with The Imaginary Invalid’s chain of events in which it reveals why Moliere is the French Woody Allan, why the Sun King dances, how Lully tricks and what are the symptoms of this imaginary illness that we can call love, theatre - or anything we want.